In a world full of consultants, the ITM Consulting Group, Inc. was developed to stand out from the competition through a
wide and special combination of services that we have to offer.

We are specialised in professional consulting services with the following competences:

Information Technology
Marketing & Brand Communication
Human Resources
Freelancer Staffing Service
• Project Managemenet

We believe that human resource management and development needs to occur in order to maintain growth.

Sales training is required to increase sales. Benchmarking your products and business against your competition will help you find ways to improve your business and increase profit. Teamwork and sound financial planning are also required to run a business smoothly and profitably.

Marketing research is a part of a good marketing strategy and should be done before marketing plans are finalized and any marketing takes place.

Advertising, IT management, and public relations are all parts of a good business plan. We work for you to make your business more successssful.

With further questions, please contact John Hermans at:

ITM Consulting Group, Inc.
2200B Douglas Boulevard, Suite 100,
Roseville, California 95661